“Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.”
-Al Hirschfeld

About Me

Ed Smith

I grew up in a family full of hard working, blue collar individuals. We put in the sweat equity, enjoyed our down time and solved a lot of our own issues, whenever they came up, to the best of our ability. That carried over into my personal and professional life as an adult. I pride myself on drawing (pun intended) on a vast source of experience, education and network of information, in order to not only solve design, cartooning and artistic issues that come up, but to do it in as cost effective and time sensitive a fashion as possible. To put it plainly, I do my best to make magic happen within or below my budget, on deadline, or before it.

Mission Statement

Mission statements can often be convoluted. A lot of big words that lead you to assume one thing, but often turn out to be a lot of ‘sound and fury, signifying nothing’.
My mission statement is simple;
Help me to bring your dreams to reality.

I want to help make both my clients and myself happy and successful. In life and in business.
Let’s face it.
If you come to me? You want me to help your dream come to life. That’s not something I take lightly. I come to the best conclusions, and design something aesthetic, pleasing, and absolutely what you are looking to have for what you had in mind. This only happens when I listen to you, ask important questions, get a true sense for what it is you’re looking for, then make it come alive.